10 (Not Lame) Virtual Team Building Activities To Try at Work

10 (Not Lame) Virtual Team Building Ideas To Try at Work

The Benefits of Virtual Team Building Activities

Now that so many of us are in a remote work environment, fostering connections between team members has become both a challenge and a necessity. Virtual team building activities are a great way to engage remote team members, develop interpersonal relationships, and boost morale. These activities help replicate the casual interactions found in traditional office environments, helping to reduce feelings of isolation and build a more cohesive, productive team. But how can you ensure that your virtual team building activities are actually fun, and not lame?

How to Choose the Right Team Building Activity

Choosing the right team-building activity depends on the objectives you aim to achieve as well as the team’s personal preferences. Some teams might enjoy a fun game night, while others may prefer more structured, goal-oriented activities. It’s important to consider team size, individual personalities (and if you don’t already know, you’ll learn in the course of these activities), and the overall culture of your company when selecting activities. Remember, the best activities to engage your team are the ones that resonate most with the people in them.

10 Not Lame Virtual Team Building Activities

1. Online Trivia Night

Hosting an online trivia night is one of the most engaging and interactive team-building activities. With trivia, you can create categories that span various interests, industry-related knowledge, or fun facts about your team members. There are many online platforms that allow you to create custom, real-time games. Divide your team into smaller groups and come up with prizes—you’ll discover who has a competitive streak in no time. The friendly competition will not only get the team’s energy flowing, but also promote collaboration and group problem-solving.

2. Virtual Talent Show

A virtual talent show provides a fun way for team members to showcase their unique talents outside of their regular work responsibilities. It can be anything from singing, dancing, magic tricks, painting – the sky’s the limit. Not only does this activity offer a change of pace from the typical work routine, but it also fosters a sense of community as team members cheer each other on and celebrate diverse talents. Not everyone’s a performer, though—so don’t force your introverts to participate in this one.

3. Remote Team Book Club

Creating a remote team book club can promote intellectual growth and deeper relationships among team members. It’s a great way to facilitate meaningful discussions about various topics that interest your team, whether it’s the latest business bestseller, a compelling fiction novel, or a historical piece. A monthly or bi-weekly virtual meeting to discuss the book can be a highly anticipated event that encourages ongoing communication and learning. Book clubs are also a great way to tie in your organizations diversity and inclusion initiatives with your team building efforts.

4. Virtual Happy Hour

A virtual happy hour provides a relaxed, casual atmosphere where team members can unwind after a long day or week. This isn’t just about enjoying a drink together; it’s also about encouraging open conversations on non-work-related topics, sharing personal stories, and creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable and connected. In addition to a more formal virtual happy hour, consider scheduling regular virtual coffee breaks to give your team a chance to connect informally. Just remember not to be lame about infringing on your team’s personal time! Keep happy hour within the work day.

5. Remote Cooking Challenge

A remote cooking challenge isn’t just about the food—it’s about collaboration, communication, and a shared experience (It’s also about the food). 

Choosing a recipe or chef

Select a recipe that might challenge your team, whether it’s a new cuisine or an unfamiliar technique. You might even bring in a professional chef to guide your team through the cooking process, adding an extra level of excitement and learning. 

Adding a competitive twist

If you’ve discovered that certain people in your teams are very competitive (during a trivia night, perhaps?), consider adding an optional competition into the mix. Your staff can present their finished dishes for voting based on presentation or creativity in following the recipe. 

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6. Virtual Wellness Sessions

Virtual wellness sessions emphasize the importance of mental and physical health. Sessions can include guided meditation, yoga classes, online workout challenges, or even guest speakers on topics like stress management or nutrition. Promoting wellness shows your team that you care about their well-being, not just their output. Remember to focus on making your team feel good—activities like weight loss challenges have the potential to alienate people—that’s lame!

7. Virtual Team Movie Night

Watching a movie together can be a shared experience that sparks conversation and builds rapport. Besides- who doesn’t love a good movie?

Choosing a Movie

Asking your team to offer suggestions helps them be involved and build anticipation for the event. The chosen movie could be a recent blockbuster, a classic, a foreign film, or a documentary that ties in with your company’s values.

Creating discussion and interaction

Follow up the viewing with a discussion. This could be a casual conversation about everyone’s thoughts, a trivia game based on the movie, or a discussion on lessons learned if the film was industry or development-focused.

9. Virtual Tasting

A virtual tasting event can provide a sophisticated and enjoyable experience for your team. Whether it’s wine, cheese, or even a four-course meal, team members can sample various offerings while learning from an expert in the field. This activity is not only fun, but it also provides an educational element that can inspire your employees to start conversations and share stories.

10. Virtual Volunteering Sessions

You may not have known that this option even existed! Virtual volunteering is a great way to support a good cause, promote teamwork, and increase employee morale and self-esteem. Many non-profit organizations need remote volunteers—whether it’s writing letters to the elderly, mentoring youth, or participating in a virtual charity run. After participating in an event of their choice, your team can share their experiences with one another, and maybe even inspire further volunteerism!

Infusing joy, authenticity, and respect into these activities. Remember, you’re creating a team building experiences that reflect who you are as an organization. These activities make employees feel valued and respected, and increase their sense of belonging. The rise of work-from-home may have caused some challenges, but with a little effort, your team will forget all about the distance between them.

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