5 Ways To Increase Attendance at Your Company Event

Let’s be real – work-life balance is a work-in-progress. Between 9 am to 5 pm, employees are trying to get it all done. Sometimes a company event can feel like another thing to squeeze in around your workload. So how do you plan an event that keeps your team’s bandwidth in mind? Here are 5 tips for increasing attendance at your next team event.

Increase attendance at events

Understand your team preferences

Everyone wants to spend time doing activities they enjoy. So, why not build your event calendar around your team preferences? 

Use tools like Typeform or Google Forms to capture your team picks, like the time of day, favorite activities, or whether they like in-person vs. virtual activities. This will make your team feel like your events are personalized.

Build a diverse events calendar

Now that you have your team selections, you can create an event calendar that celebrates their diversity. Incorporate team events that offer a mix of activities, occur at different times of day and provide inclusive options – for example, drinking vs. non-drinking activities, etc. 

Team members are more likely to engage in events that make them feel seen. A diverse calendar will keep your team excited and events less redundant.

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Promote your event

Get creative with event promotion! Implement an engaging promotional strategy that builds team excitement. For example, you can create an event overview that showcases a teaser of the upcoming event and do an event countdown. 

Marketing strategies like personalized emails, uploading event posters in the team Slack channel, and calendar notifications can boost team enthusiasm. Also, consider creating a team social media challenge with hashtags to increase conversation about the event.

Tie events back to team feedback

Remember, the customer is always right! This year, try looping in everyone, like Sam from Accounting, who didn’t appreciate the non-inclusive cocktails at last year’s hybrid event. 

Collect feedback using tools such as SurveyMonkey to guide you in planning your next event. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how you can improve. Additionally, capitalize on the pre-event survey to gauge your members’ expectations and to deliver a memorable experience.

Engage a leadership team sponsor

Leading up to the event, engage your company leader or team sponsor to boost attendance. Have your team sponsor send personal invitations to team members to increase event participation. You can streamline the process by drafting an email outlining the event’s importance and what employees stand to gain from it. 

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