7 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for Work (2023)

Get inspired with these fun ideas for a virtual Christmas party and other holidays celebrations with your remote team!

Virtual Christmas party and holiday celebrations for teams

Many of us continue to work from home or in a hybrid capacity for the foreseeable future. And although in-person celebrations are a blast, virtual Christmas party and holiday celebrations can be equally as fun. To help you brainstorm ideas for your next corporate team event, we’ve curated 7 best ways to celebrate the holidays virtually. 

1. Hire a mixologist to host a mocktail making class

Who doesn’t love a fancy mocktail? Hire a professional mixologist to deliver a lesson on crafting extra festive drinks. You can create the menu yourself and send an ingredients list to your teammates. Or, you can work with a mixologist who can handle all the logistics for you.

Just remember, not everyone drinks alcohol. Make sure to focus on the non-alcoholic aspects of each mocktail, and suggest spiking each drink as an option.

2. Host a virtual Christmas karaoke party

There’s something about the holidays that makes people want to belt out a tune. A virtual karaoke party is a great way to give willing teammates a chance to channel their inner Mariah, or simply amuse their co-workers.

To organize virtual karaoke, start by generating hype before the event. Send out a form for your teammates to input which song they want to sing. Then, create a YouTube playlist with everyone’s song. YouTube has great lyric videos that work perfectly for this!

3. Organize a virtual gift exchange

Gifts may not be your love language, but they work for someone on your team! Holiday gift exchanges are a great way to spread love across your hybrid team.

You can use a service like Elfster to organize names, matches & wishlists. Then, set spending limits and choose a deadline for sending gifts to ensure they arrive on time for the virtual event. On the night of the virtual party, you can go around and allow each teammate to open and show off their gift.

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4. Gift your team with food

We firmly believe that food is essential for a team celebration. Bonding over an unforgettable meal has always been a key aspect of holiday celebrations. The magic evoked from breaking bread together can be recaptured virtually with meal delivery services or virtual cooking classes.

5. Stream a festive movie together 

We all have a favorite holiday movie. You and your team can react, sing along, and laugh in real-time to a holiday classic or a new film.

Before the event, post a survey to choose what to watch – make sure to inspire some light-hearted debate and competition. Then, use Zoom to share your screen when streaming from your service of choice. Make the movie more interactive by encouraging commentary in the chat or sending everyone snacks to enjoy.

6. Host a virtual trivia night 

If you have a particularly competitive team to entertain, why not organize a virtual trivia night? Leave the logistics planning to the experts. We love the experiences offered by Trivia for Us!

7. Collaborate on a holiday song virtually

Get your team’s creative juices flowing by collaborating to create a fun jingle on KidBilly. Anyone can get involved with this virtual DJ booth, where you all experiment with different sounds, rhythms, and instruments. 

A professional DJ can join the virtual party to take your song to the next level. Virtual DJing is an excellent opportunity for team members to get silly or reveal their musical side that they keep hidden! 

Plus, your team will receive a downloadable version of their musical creations at the end of the session, so the party truly never ends.

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