4 African Food Brands You Should Know

4 African Food Brands You Should Know

African food is becoming mainstream

Home to over 1,000 different ethnic groups, each with their own unique cultures, traditions, and recipes, West Africa is a mecca of culinary diversity. From Nigeria and Ghana to Senegal and Benin, West African cuisine is incredibly diverse in flavors, textures, colors, and smells. Distinct techniques and food practices have been passed down for generations. And food is often the centerpiece of countless life celebrations from marriages to graduations at more.

While these foods and culinary traditions have long been celebrated by their communities, West African food is only recently making its way onto the global stage — and we are here for it! Jollof rice, fufu, and suya are now known across social media and popular culture. We are seeing African chefs and dishes featured in viral TikTok trends, like the fufu challenge, and on global cooking shows like Top Chef, Beat Bobby Flay, and Pressure Cooker.

However, despite its growing popularity, cooking West African cuisine can still feel daunting for those unfamiliar with the ingredients and preparation techniques. Chefs, entrepreneurs, and food lovers are addressing this challenge by sharing their knowledge in classes, books, and businesses that bring African food to the limelight. Below is a rundown of some brands helping to simplify West African cooking.

4 West African Food Brands to Check Out

Simi & Temi

Simi & Temi is a family-run brand that beautifully captures the essence of West African spices. Their collection includes an array of crafted pepper mixes aimed to simplify preparing Nigerian dishes by cutting down the preparation time and elevating flavor profiles.

Get Adùn

Get Adùn is on a mission to bring African cuisine everywhere. They run a collection of ready-made frozen Nigerian dishes and ingredients used in West African food preparation. With these, it is easier to elevate your cooking game and promote globalization of African cuisine.

Yolélé Foods

Yolélé Foods passionately brings West African ancient grains, particularly fonio from Senegal, to the modern table in an array of products. Their product collection, including fonio chips, fonio pilaf, spice rubs, dip mixes, Senegalese cuisine cookbooks, and merchandise, rekindles the connection to these grains’ history.


Nerrido Foods is a food brand on a mission to keep traditional African foods alive. Their products help reduce cooking time, making West African foods more accessible to casual cooks without compromising on quality. Their West African Tomato Stew is a staple base for countless dishes.

Learn to make African food from an expert

Even with these products, learning how to make West African food is often best done with an expert. Dive into the heart of African kitchens by taking a virtual class with chefs on our marketplace! Explore the best ways to make jollof rice with Chef Patty, or enjoy Beninese peanut stew with Chef Adé. African foods to the world!

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