Barbecuing around the World with Chef Jahvel Frasier

Chef Jahvel Fraser presents Fellowship, a 3-course BBQ dinner that celebrates togetherness & community.

Barbecuing with Chef Jahvel Frasier

Photo Cred: Chef Jahvel Frasier

Chef Jahvel Fraser turns his feasts into fellowships

Chef Jahvel’s A NIGHT IN pop-up, “Fellowship,” was inspired by his childhood which revolved around BBQs.

"When I was a teenager, BBQs were everything to me. I brought people together and had big BBQs in my backyard. People started calling me " Chef" before I became one. So, I brought BBQs into my professional career, and I've been doing it ever since."

What's on the grill?

Chef Fraser’s BBQ is no traditional BBQ. He enjoys mingling flavors from various cultures to showcase the different techniques and tastes around the barbecue.

The first course Chef Fraser served was a spiced chicken satay – grilled chicken thighs with a homemade BBQ spice rub and signature white BBQ sauce.

"The basics behind my cooking is comfort. There is comfort in every genre of cuisine. I take different genres like Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and take those original comforting foods and make them my own."

The second course was Korean-inspired short ribs marinated in Korean spices and topped with his signature honey chipotle BBQ sauce. Chef Fraser brought his new recipe to the traditional potato salad, accompanied by a delicious roasted sunchoke side salad.

Chef Fraser whipped up his signature dessert for our final course, a maple bourbon French toast bread pudding. Diners savored each bite, a sweet end to the umami-packed menu.

"Fellowship is about having people sit around the table talking, laughing, joking, and having a good time. What better way to Fellowship than to have a BBQ?"

A BBQ made without love is no BBQ at all!

Chef Fraser’s inspiration for cooking began in the kitchen, watching his grandmother cook with love for her family. Chef Fraser’s menu shares a bit of his childhood, with the care and love his family has always had around food. He hopes his meals remind guests of the comfort of home cooking and how love is present on every plate.

"My background comes from love. Love is the best ingredient. Seeing my grandma cook for my grandpa and watching people come from all over to get food from her. She embodied the West Indian culture of Barbados and gave us the original flavors."

Want to bring BBQ home?

If you are trying to get a fixing of Fraser’s BBQ  meals, he replicates that Barbados love through catering events with JVF Pantry, his NYC-based private catering company. 

Chef Fraser’s special BBQ sauce is also for sale if you want to bring the barbecue home! Make sure to check out

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