Code of Conduct

The purpose of this code of conduct is to ensure the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of each Buyer, Hosts, and Experience attendee. We reserve the right to remove Content, Hosts, or Experiences, or to ban Participants if they violate the Code of Conduct. We also reserve the right to ban Buyers from purchasing additional Experiences on the Marketplace if they violate the Code of Conduct.


Act respectfully and appropriately for the environment you are in, whether while interacting with the Services or during an Experience. Avoid personal insults and attacks, bullying, and violence of any kind, whether during an Experience or when otherwise interacting with the Services. We do not allow unwanted sexual attention, malicious gossip, or violent, aggressive or bullying behavior.


Don’t lie, mislead, or misrepresent the work of others as your own. Only share Content through our Services or at Experiences that are original to you. If you don’t have permission to share it, don’t. Avoid using Content taken from somewhere else, including anything that violates intellectual property rights. If you’re leaving feedback or a review, remember that what’s most helpful is what’s factual, not fabricated or exaggerated.

Follow the Rules

Follow all rules that may apply to your Experience, whether that means Adá Experience’s Terms or any applicable law or regulation at the local, state, or federal level, or the rules of any venue in which an offline Experience is held.

Appropriate Content

Words, pictures, audio, video, or other content that is offensive, lewd, threatening, pornographic, exploits minors, harasses others, contains profanity or hate speech, targets Participants or other individuals in order to degrade, shame or insult them, or is otherwise inappropriate or harmful should not be included as part of an Experience, review, or listing, and may be removed from the Services by Adá Experiences. Additionally, it may lead to you being banned from further use of the Services.

Promotional Content and Conflicts of Interest

Promotional content not expressly related to an Experience, including external links and offers for other goods and other services, may be removed or deleted by Adá Experiences. Don’t promote your own site or your own business as an Attendee of an Experience. Adá Experiences does not permit its Hosts to offer Attendees financial incentives to write reviews.


Don’t engage in any behavior that invades the privacy of others, including capturing or sharing any personally identifiable information without consent. 


Anything you share should be relevant to the Experience or the Services. Avoid spamming, including deceptive and misleading Content.