Elle Simone Scott & Chimere Ward Celebrate the Culinary Diversity of NYC

For our A NIGHT IN pop-up series, Elle Simone Scott and Chimere Ward paid homage to the city that never sleeps.

Picture of Elle Simone Scott & Chimere ward

Photo Cred: She Chef Inc

The Perfect Duo

With two distinct backgrounds, Chef Simone and Chef Ward are the perfect duo bringing mentorship to women chefs of color pursuing culinary arts as a career. Together they work as a team at She Chef, Inc., a social enterprise and networking organization for women chefs of color and allies. They started She Chef in 2013 to fight against the lack of representation of women of color in the workforce.  

Chef Elle Simone is the Executive Editor & Inclusion Leader at America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) and hosts the “The Walk-In” podcast

Chef Chimere Ward owns Clean Plate Co., a self-taught executive chef & culinary entrepreneur. The business has also manufactured prepared food products for Whole Foods, Food Kick, Columbia University & Park Slope Food COOP.

Food as a Vehicle for Creating Community

For our A NIGHT IN pop-up series, Chef Simone and Chef Ward developed an NYC-inspired menu for their pop-up called “Summer Nights: An Ode to NYC in the Summertime”. Chef Ward, a native New Yorker, and Chef Simone from midwest Detroit wanted to create a menu to pay homage to their 10-year long friendship and bonding in NYC. 

Reflecting on NYC’s culinary scene as a melting pot of flavors, they both want to represent the city’s many voices.

"I want people to feel reconnected and comfortable - because it is comfort food. To feel inspired to return to the world. I hope it reminds them what it is like to have food that doesn't necessarily come from your kitchen."

New York City Served on a Plate

For our first course, chefs Elle Simone Scott and Chef Chimere Ward prepared a falafel with beet tzatziki, roasted garlic hummus, and micro sorrel. Paying homage to halal trucks in NYC, this dish is a love letter to New York’s street vendor scene.


Elle Simone Scott & Chimere Ward falafel

The second course was escovitch-style fried fish, coconut rice, and peas. Inspired by a region in Brooklyn, they prepare the fish in real Jamaican flare, colorful, bright, sweet, and salty with a hint of vinegar. The fried fish is flavorfully seasoned with a crisp bite with a punch to your tastebuds.


A NIGHT IN Chef Spotlight: She Chef INC

Lastly, Chef Scott and Chef Ward served a gluten-free peach cobbler with cornmeal biscuits inspired by Harlem and Southern cuisine. The cobbler reminded us of our grandma’s summer peach cobbler – a sweet, comforting end to the meal.

A NIGHT IN Chef Spotlight: She Chef INC

Chef Scott and Chef Ward’s dinner represented the truest form of hospitality – creating comforting dishes transporting us to summertime in NYC. The multicultural meal represents the ever-changing identity of the city and the chefs’ impressive culinary prowess.

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