Lightning-Fast Fun: 12 Engaging 5-Minute Games for Your Next Virtual Meeting

Lightning-Fast Fun: 12 Engaging 5-Minute Games for Your Next Virtual Meeting

Fun Activities for Online Meetings- Why Bother?

Keeping people engaged during staff meetings is hard enough in-person–now that so many of our teams have made the transition to remote work, a sprinkle of fun can go a long way toward turning sitting at a computer screen into something more than an obligation to endure. We’ve whisked together a mix of games to spice up your virtual gatherings, help create new connections between far-flung teams, and take your team to the next level.

Injecting Energy into Virtual Interactions

Why Five-Minute Games for Virtual Meetings?

Have you checked your attention span lately? Your online team has plenty of distractions available at all times. Quick, thoughtful games break through the noise, offering a personal touch that keeps your Zoom window on top of the others. Once you’ve got some momentum, you can launch into your work agenda with good attitudes and optimum efficiency.

The Art of Selecting the Right Game for Online Teams

Do you know why so many attempts at corporate ‘fun’ feel lame? It’s because activities are picked out of a hat, with no regard to who’s on the team and what they’re likely to resonate with. If you want not-lame games for virtual team building activities, make sure the one you pick adds value to the meeting instead of just taking up time. We can’t tell you which game matches your team’s needs, but we can tell you one thing for sure- you’re sure to find something here that will make a splash!

12 Five-Minute Team-Building Activities for Virtual Meetings

  1. Rapid Fire Quiz

– Instructions: 

  – Preparation: Craft a list of 10-15 light, fun questions related to general knowledge or your team’s interests. Ensure questions are inclusive and have a cultural touch where possible, celebrating the diversity within your team.

  – Conduct: Use a buzzer system or a “raise hand” feature in your virtual meeting platform.

  – Tip: Keep some extra questions handy in case of a tiebreaker situation.

– Example: 

  – Question: “Which spice is essential in a traditional pumpkin pie?”

  – Answer: Cinnamon.

– How to Play: 

  – Step 1: Designate a quizmaster who will ask questions.

  – Step 2: Team members “buzz” or raise their hands to answer. The first to do so gets to answer.

  – Step 3: Award points for correct answers and keep a lively tally. 

  – Step 4: Celebrate everyone’s contributions at the end, not just the person with the most points.


  1. Quick Draw Duel

– Instructions: 

  – Preparation: Prepare a list of light, fun objects or concepts for participants to draw.

  – Materials: Ensure all participants have access to paper and a pen or a digital drawing tool.

  – Tip: Add a fun twist by sometimes combining two unrelated objects/concepts for a creative challenge!

– Example: 

  – “Draw a pineapple wearing sunglasses.”

– How to Play: 

  – Step 1: The host announces what to draw and sets a timer for 30 seconds.

  – Step 2: Participants draw as imaginatively as they can within the time limit.

  – Step 3: Drawings are shared on camera or uploaded to the chat.

  – Step 4: A quick vote (possibly through reactions or a poll) decides the winner based on creativity or likeness. Be sure to shower applause on all drawings to keep spirits high!


  1. Fast Facts

– Instructions: 

  – Preparation: Be mindful to curate prompts that are inclusive and ensure no one feels put on the spot or uncomfortable.

  – Conduct: Navigate sensitively, ensuring that the atmosphere remains light, fun, and respectful.

  – Tip: Have a few prompts ready to inspire sharing and keep the activity flowing.

– Example: 

  – A favorite dish from their culture or a cherished food-related family tradition.

– How to Play: 

  – Step 1: The host throws a prompt or allows free choice of fact.

  – Step 2: Participants share, ensuring it’s brief yet insightful.

  – Step 3: Keep shares to under 30 seconds (or shorter, depending on the size of your team) to maintain pace and engagement.


  1. Quick Mix

 – Instructions: 

– Preparation: Ensure all participants have access to a variety of drink ingredients, and notify them in advance to have these items ready. This activity should be equally fun with whatever they have on hand, avoiding the need for special purchases. If your meeting is late in the day, low stakes, or before the weekend, you can even include alcoholic drinks in the mix!

– Example: 

  – A homemade lemonade with a twist, perhaps using a sprig of mint or a splash of another fruit juice.


 How to Play: 

– Step 1: Mix It Up

– Each participant quickly crafts their unique drink using available ingredients. The mixing should be done in real-time during the meeting to add a live, interactive element. It’s a mini adventure, watching colleagues concoct something delightful (or, sometimes, bizarre!).

– Step 2: Share and Tell

– Members take turns showcasing their creation, discussing their choice of ingredients, and perhaps even naming their drink.

– Example Share: “I’ve made a Spicy Citrus Fizz – a blend of orange juice, a pinch of chili powder, and soda! I chose these for a quick, energizing kick!”

– Step 3: Virtual Cheers

 – End the activity with a virtual “cheers” moment, perhaps snapping a group screenshot for fun memories.

– Step 4: Optional Taste Test

– If comfortable, participants can taste-test their creation live. It might bring in spontaneous reactions and light-hearted moments, especially for unusual concoctions!

– Note: Ensure a warm, inclusive atmosphere where each creation is celebrated for its uniqueness and the creator’s adventurous spirit. Make sure to respect your sober teammates as well and never pressure anyone to drink if they don’t want to. 


Another option–Fully Hosted Happy Hour at Home:

If it’s been a long week, and your team needs more than 5 minutes to unwind, consider booking a one-hour virtual mixology workshop for a more in-depth spin on this game!


  1. Quick Compliments

– Instructions: 

  – Preparation: Make sure everyone understands the value of genuine, heartfelt compliments.

  – Tip: Encourage specificity in compliments, ensuring they are meaningful and not generic.

– Example: 

  – “Shannon always curates such meaningful meeting activities that bring us together.”

– How to Play: 

  – Step 1: Determine an order for sharing (alphabetical, order of joining the meeting, etc.)

  – Step 2: Ensure every member shares a compliment about another team member. This should be brief but genuine.

  – Step 3: Have a system in place to ensure every team member receives acknowledgment for something. 

  – Step 4: Ensure a light, appreciative atmosphere throughout, thanking each person for their kindness.


  1. Speedy Encouragement

– Instructions: 

  – Preparation: Remind team members of the power of positive words and how uplifting encouragement can be.

  – Tip: Encourage people to be specific and personal in their encouragement, steering away from cliches.

– Example: 

  – “Jordan, your presentation last week was incredibly insightful and presented with such clarity!”

– How to Play: 

  – Step 1: Decide on the order of sharing, perhaps moving virtually “around the room” or following the participant list.

  – Step 2: Each member shares a quick word of encouragement or appreciation to the person “next” to them.

  – Step 3: Ensure that every participant both gives and receives encouragement, ensuring balance and a general uplifting atmosphere.


  1. Flash Debates

– Instructions: 

  – Preparation: Choose a light, non-controversial, and fun topic to ensure the debate remains friendly and animated.

  – Tip: Make sure to manage the time and energy, ensuring it remains fun and doesn’t veer off into heated discussions.

– Example: 

  – “Pineapple on pizza – yay or nay?” or “Is a hotdog a sandwich?”

– How to Play: 

  – Step 1: The host throws out the topic and allows an open, free-flowing discussion. Everyone can jump in with their hot takes.

  – Step 2: Let the team have a lively, animated debate. No structured turns – just pure, passionate pizza topping chaos!

  – Step 3: Wrap up with appreciations for all viewpoints and perhaps a playful poll to see where the team lands on the topic.

  – Step 4: Transition smoothly to the next agenda point, ensuring the lively energy is maintained but refocused.


  1. Five-Minute Doodle Challenge

– Instructions: 

  – Preparation: Notify team members in advance to have drawing materials ready.

  – Tip: Emphasize fun and creativity over artistic skill to keep the activity light and inclusive.

– Example: 

  – “Doodle your favorite comfort food in a cozy setting.”

– How to Play: 

  – Step 1: Reveal the drawing prompt and set a timer for 5 minutes.

  – Step 2: Allow participants to unleash their creativity within the allotted time.

  – Step 3: Invite each person to share their doodle and, if comfortable, a brief story or thought behind it. This could stir delightful conversations about personal experiences with comfort food and warm memories.

  – Step 4: Optional – You may host a lighthearted vote on categories like “Most Creative Interpretation” or “Coziest Doodle” just for fun!


  1. Quick Craft

– Instructions: 

  – Preparation: A heads up to have a miscellany of objects or crafting materials nearby might be helpful.

  – Tip: Reiterate that the goal is not perfection but the joy of spontaneous creativity.

– Example: 

  – Crafting a makeshift sailboat using a pen, sticky note, and a coffee cup lid.

– How to Play: 

  – Step 1: Clarify that the goal is to use whatever materials are at hand to craft something whimsical and fun within a short time frame (around 5 minutes).

  – Step 2: Allow crafting time and play a lively or soothing tune in the background to add a playful or calming ambiance, respectively.

  – Step 3: Provide space for each participant to showcase their craft, explaining their creative process or the silly backstory they’ve invented for their creation.

  – Step 4: Optional – Host a playful voting session for “Most Ingenious Use of Materials” or “Craft with the Best Backstory.”


  1. Express Emotions

– Instructions: 

  – Preparation: Ensure all participants are comfortable and willing to engage in this playful activity.

  – Tip: Encourage over-the-top expressions to amplify the fun and keep things lighthearted.

– Example: 

  – Trying to convey “serenity” through facial expressions and body language.

– How to Play: 

  – Step 1: One member acts out an emotion or concept without using words.

  – Step 2: Team members try to guess the portrayed emotion, shouting out their guesses.

  – Step 3: Rotate the “actor” to ensure everyone gets a turn, and maintain a swift, enthusiastic pace to keep energy high.

– Note: Always ensure that the chosen emotions are comfortable and safe for everyone to express and guess, keeping the environment supportive and playful.


  1. Speedy Charades

– Instructions: 

  – Preparation: Have a list of words/phrases ready, preferably related to fun, food, or light-hearted topics that align with your brand voice.

  – Tip: You’re going for speed- choose prompts that are reasonably easy to guess in a short window.

– How to Play: 

  – Step 1: A person acts out a word/phrase without speaking while others guess.

  – Step 2: Limit each round to 2 minutes max – one for acting and one for guessing, ensuring a fast-paced, exhilarating activity.

  – Step 3: Make sure everyone has an opportunity to participate, but don’t force anyone to get in the hot seat if they don’t want to.

– Note: Celebrate all attempts warmly, and focus on the fun rather than accuracy in guesses.


  1. Quick Jokes

– Instructions: 

  – Preparation: Inform participants beforehand so they can have a joke ready, ensuring a smooth flow during the activity.

  – Tip: Emphasize the importance of sharing inclusive, non-offensive jokes to ensure a safe, comfortable environment.

– Example: 

  – “What do you call fake spaghetti? An impasta!”

– How to Play: 

  – Step 1: Go around the virtual room, inviting each person to share their joke.

  – Step 2: Allow for brief moments of laughter and light commentary before moving to the next person.

  – Step 3: Keep the rounds short, sweet, and uplifting. This activity is a great way to end a meeting, too (especially when the agenda was a snoozer)!

Maximizing Benefits from Bite-Sized Activities

Building and Maintaining Virtual Team Morale

Short, snappy games amplifying connectivity and morale in the virtual work environment. By including these morale-builders frequently, they become part of your company’s culture instead of a one-off activity that feels forced. Have fun out there!

Planning a team-building event?

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