Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Adá Experiences is a marketplace that helps companies books private events with chefs & culinary creators. Our mission is to celebrate global Black food culture and help food entrepreneurs thrive. Learn more here.

A virtual experience is an event that takes place entirely online, typically over video conference (we use Zoom). Virtual experiences are great ways to engage hybrid & remote team members! Browse through our virtual experiences here.

Absolutely! Our in-person experiences include multi-course dinner parties, cooking classes and more. Currently, we only offer in-person experiences in NYC, but plan to expand as we grow. Browse through our in-person experiences here.

Experiences are crafted & hosted by our talented community of chefs & culinary creators. We take our time to meet & vet hosts before they join our marketplace. Maybe we’re biased, but we think they’re pretty fly. Get to know our hosts here.

Definitely not! While we will always center Black perspectives, our goal is to create space for all folx to experience the beautiful diversity of global Black food culture. Learn about how to celebrate diversity in the workplace here.

Event Booking

Pricing varies by experience and is set by our hosts. You can find pricing details as your browse through our marketplace. Prices are typically set per person, although some optional add-ons may be priced per group. All taxes and fees are included in listed pricing.

You can book as far in advance as each host allows. Please note that each experience includes a minimum lead time set by the host. However, if you have a last-minute event to plan, just message your host to see if they can make an exception.

We host virtual experiences using Whereby. Once your host approves your event request, you will see links to your virtual event room appear in Inbox. Copy and share these links with your event attendees. Attendees can join virtual event rooms from anywhere – no download needed!

Venues for in-person experiences vary and are determined by your host. These experiences can take place at a venue that you provide (e.g., your office) or a venue your host provides.

For some experiences, host-provided venue costs are included in the listing price. Others may require an additional fee & specific amenities (e.g., a full kitchen). Review each experiences’ details and message your host to confirm a venue option that works best for you.

Currently, we only offer in-person experiences in NYC, but plan to expand as we grow.

Minimum and maximum guest counts vary by experience and are determined by our hosts. If you’d like to book an experience but your group exceeds the maximum count, message your host to see if they can make an exception.

Event Management

You can cancel or reschedule an event up until the lead time indicated by your host and receive a full refund. Learn more about our Refunds & Cancelations here.

After your host accepts your booking request, you can freely adjust your guest count & requested add-ons up until your event’s lead time. In fact, we will send you a reminder to confirm these details first before charging you.

For example, if your experience has a 2 week lead time, then 2 weeks before your event date we will reach out to confirm your guest count & add-on details. After confirmation, you will be charged.

Hosts are responsible for shipping any experience kits they offer. After they accept your booking request, your host will share a link to collect RSVPs & shipping details directly from your guests.

Most hosts can ship across the contiguous US states. If you have open questions about shipping range, message your host directly.

Absolutely! Many hosts who include beverages in their experiences offer non-alcoholic options. Just message your host to confirm.

Yes! Hosts can often adjust their experience to accommodate diverse groups. Just message your host to confirm. 

We’re sorry to hear that! Please go through these steps to troubleshoot your A/V issues. If the challenge persists, email us at
  • Disable any ad-blockers, VPN, or privacy extensions. Occasionally browser extensions can interfere with how video calls load, which can manifest as video, audio, or room joining issues.
  • Close any unnecessary applications when on the video call. This will free up resources on the computer and improve the quality of the video call.
  • Ensure the browser is up to date. Outdated software may have bugs that can cause packet loss and other problems
  • Move closer to the Wifi router or use a wired connection if one is available, as it is less prone to interference than wireless networks.

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