How To Celebrate Pride At Work

Are you looking for authentic ways to celebrate Pride? Here are six ideas to celebrate Pride at work.

How To Celebrate Pride At Work

The Importance of Pride Month

June is near, and so is Pride. Pride is a colorful month celebrating equality, diversity, inclusivity, and self-integrity. Pride Month commemorates the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and gender non-conforming individuals. However, it’s essential to understand how Pride Month came about and the meaning behind the celebration.

Pride is a month that honors a historic time for the LGBTQ+ community known as the Stonewall Riots. The Stonewall Riots started on June 28, 1969, after police raided a gay club called the Stonewall Inn in the West Village of New York City. This raid inspired a protest that lasted six days and encouraged a global movement for gay rights.

Celebrating Pride is important because it recognizes people who have been underrepresented in society. Pride goes beyond race and religion and celebrates the diversity of all people. It uplifts people who have not had a safe space in society and have had to create their own space to exist entirely.

Let’s dive into some great ways to celebrate Pride at work.

Ways to Celebrate Pride in the Workplace

It’s important for companies to create an inclusive environment for all employees where everyone feels seen, safe, and heard. Pride Month’s diversity should remind companies to reflect on their policies to ensure their practices support employee diversity. 

The great thing about Pride is that there are various ways to commemorate the month. Strike a balance by promoting fun activities that promote inclusivity and engagement but also educate team members.

Remember, asking can go a long way. If you don’t know, hire an expert to help. Also, reach out to your LGBTQ+ resource group to see if they have any ideas for the month.

Here are some pride month ideas that will get you started.

Host a Virtual (or In-Person) Pride Happy Hour

Whether virtual or in-person, nothing beats a Pride happy hour. Decorate the office with Pride decor. If the happy hour is virtual, encourage employees to use a pride-themed Zoom background. 

Employees can socialize over their favorite cocktails or compete to see who can create the most festive Pride cocktail. The winner can take home a special treat or gift from an LGBTQ+-owned business.

Lunch and Learn on Historical Facts

Hosting a lunch and learn is an excellent opportunity to educate employees while offering an unforgettable food experience. Hire an LGBTQ+ speaker while employees connect over good food to learn important historical facts about the gay rights movement and Pride. Create an inclusive event by allowing team members to share their stories and ask questions if they feel called to.

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Support an LGBTQ+-owned business

Supporting LGBTQ+-owned businesses shows employees they are valued. While Pride Month is an excellent opportunity to support LGBTQ+ causes and local businesses, practicing this throughout the year is essential. 

Mix it up during Pride by announcing an LGBTQ+ business to support each week. You can also invite employees to share their favorite LGBTQ+ business in the company Slack channel or email for others to explore

Attend a Virtual Pride Parade as a Team (Food Included)

Attending a virtual Pride parade is the perfect activity for employees to take a mental break from work. You can research local Pride events in your area to find a parade that offers a virtual experience. In addition, your company can show solidarity by becoming a sponsor for the parade. 

And, of course, food goes a long way. Complement the occasion by providing fare from an LGBTQ+-owned local eatery.

Throw a PRIDE Trivia Party

A Pride trivia party is a fun way to educate team members with unique facts. Be sure to do your due diligence by researching before the event. Employees can choose their teams to play the game, which can encourage healthy camaraderie and teamwork while testing your teams’ knowledge. The winning team can receive gift cards from LGBTQ+-owned businesses.

Here are some trivia questions to include:

  • Name five different Pride flags.
  • What happened during the Stonewall Riots?
  • What year did the Stonewall Riots begin?
  • What country has the longest-running Pride parade?
  • How many countries have legalized same-sex marriages?

Amplify Intersectional Perspectives

Organizations should amplify the voices of individuals who have intersectional experiences in society. Over time, underrepresented groups have created spaces for themselves to thrive and live authentically. This also includes groups who have experienced multiple forms of oppression, such as Black Queer individuals. Investing in employees by supporting Black LGBTQ+-owned businesses shows your organization’s willingness to do the work.

The Value of Recognizing Pride Month in the Workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices are deeper than hiring individuals from different backgrounds. DEI is rooted in the systems and policies that are in place that contribute to the employee experience. No matter the month, it’s essential to delve into the issues underrepresented groups face and tackle the problems internally. This allows for an authentic and genuine workplace culture where all individuals can show up as themselves. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pride Month

How can my company support pride month?

Your company can support Pride Month by displaying rainbow flags or symbols, organizing educational workshops, promoting LGBTQ+ inclusive policies, participating in Pride parades or events, providing allyship training, and supporting LGBTQ+ employee resource groups.

Why is Pride important in the workplace?

Pride is important in the workplace because it fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance for LGBTQ+ employees. It demonstrates a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality, creating a safe and supportive environment where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work.

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