How To Host the Best Virtual Food Event at Work​

Your team has attended everything virtually, from meetings to weddings. But, you can still create an engaging virtual event that even your pickiest foodie friend will love!  Here are 5 tips to create an engaging virtual food event at work.

Woman enjoying an engaging virtual event

Tell the story behind the meal

Food is more than just the restaurant, ingredients or even taste. A good food experience tells a story. So, consider the atmosphere you can create to help tell that story. For example, you can send a kit to all your teammates that includes ingredients, personalized notes or suggested drink pairings. During the event, speakers can share their personal story & relationship with the food being served. Get creative and think about other special touches you can add to kick things up a notch! 

In our A NIGHT IN pop-up series, we at Adá created custom playlists that matched each chef’s menu. Diners could bask in each chef’s intended ambiance by listening to the playlist while enjoying their meal. Consider sharing a playlist with attendees in advance of your virtual event to set the tone.

Explore diverse flavors together virtually

The best meals feel familiar, but also novel. There’s no better feeling then when a dish unexpectedly evokes fond memories. When planning your virtual event, look for dishes that your attendees might think they know, and then surprise them with an original take from a talented chef. 

At Adá, our hosts come from a range of diverse backgrounds. They often glean inspiration from a mix of cultures & flavor profiles. For example, Chef Rasheeda Purdie’s delicious collard greens ramen showcases her innovative fusion of American Southern & Japanese cuisines. We’re salivating just thinking about it!

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Choose an engaging host for your virtual food event

An event host can make or break your sessions. They are responsible for event orchestration from start to finish, so choose wisely! Make sure your host is lively, friendly & welcoming. They should keep the conversation flowing and also create space for your teammates’ voices to be heard. The goal is consistent audience engagement.

Create community with small talk around food

Virtual events are convenient, but can also feel distant. It can be tough to connect authentically through a screen. One of the best ways to drive engagement is by encouraging small talk. 

Use live chat to answer questions, guide the experience or lighten the mood with jokes. Create breakout rooms where guests can connect in smaller groups. Pose specific icebreaker questions to jumpstart conversations. The possibilities are endless!

Ask for feedback

After an event, it’s always best to hear reactions & thoughts. Send a quick survey or chat with your teammates directly to gauge what they liked and disliked. Timely feedback will ensure that your next event is always better than the last!

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