Meet Chef Shenarri "Greens" Freeman

Inspired by her own healing journey, Chef Shenarri “Greens” Freeman is bringing vegan soul food to New York City.

Chef Shenarri Greens

The journey to Cadence

Shenarri “Greens” Freeman is a plant-based chef, holistic researcher and health and wellness advocate. While a student at Howard University in 2011, she gained an interest in food after working in the kitchen at the 9:30 Club. During her eight-year tenure, she has also worked in acclaimed D.C. restaurants and venues, including Restaurant Marvin, Jack Rose, SongByrd and Momofuku CCDC. 

Chef Shenarri adopted a vegan diet in 2017. Self-taught, she pulls inspiration from her travels, making a point to take a cooking class whenever she visits a new country. After losing her significant other in June of 2018, “Greens” began a holistic journey to heal herself through food and the practices of Dr. Sebi, Queen Afua and Dr. Llaila Afrika.

Looking for new challenges and experiences, Chef Shenarri moved to New York in 2019 to further her culinary skills at the Institute of Culinary Education. In addition to her studies, she has served as the Head Chef at Greedi Vegan, volunteered at the James Beard Foundation House and served as sous chef for numerous events and dinner parties in New York. 

She is currently the Executive Chef of vegan soul food restaurant Cadence in New York City.

“What we do is more important than what we say or what we say we believe”

Scenes from our February 2020 supper with Chef Shenarri

Where she challenged us to reflect on what influences our food choices.

Vegan skewers by Chef Shenarri Greens Freeman
Chef Shenarri Greens Freeman preparing her menu
Women enjoying a dining experience with Chef Shenarri Greens Freeman

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