Meet Chef Nicky Marcelin

Chef Nicky combines her love for Haitian cuisine & sustainability to create memorable dining experiences.

Profile pic of Chef Nicky Marcelin by Elizabeth Mealey.

Nicky Marcelin is a first-generation Haitian-American chef raised in Haiti and Brooklyn, New York. She holds a degree in Culinary Arts & Food Entrepreneurship from Johnson & Wales University. She has worked in various fine dining restaurants, including Jean George, Batard, nougatine & untitled.

In 2018, Nicky launched Epicurious Safari, a dining experiences agency, to connect her passion for sustainability, food & wine. Nicky is currently the executive chef for Morty’s Oyster Stand, a pop-up restaurant in the Hamptons. She is also pursuing her level 1 certification in wine and developing a cookbook. You can find her reluctantly posting online @lafille_gourmande.

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