Why Food Is Crucial For Team Celebrations at Work

Learn why a celebration just isn’t the same without food!

Celebrations with food at work

There’s nothing worse…

…than arriving at an event hungry and realizing that there’s no food. Food is typical for all celebrations, and your team will expect some form of refreshment at a party. Whether you’re celebrating success at the end of your project, a significant milestone, a work anniversary, or a day of cultural or social significance, make sure that food is available. 

Let’s dive deeper into the reasons why food is crucial for team celebrations.

Food is a source of fuel

Team celebrations have been hailed as vehicles for driving enthusiastic teams. Consider food as the fuel that powers those vehicles. Delicious food can invigorate your colleagues, making team members more comfortable, engaged & satisfied.

Food makes people happy

We all have that friend who dances when their food arrives. Maybe you are that friend! Whether it’s the anticipation after ordering, or the captivating aroma that fills a space when food is ready, food makes folks happy.

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Communal eating strengthens bonds

There’s a reason why many cultures welcome visitors with a meal. The act of sharing a meal naturally brings people together – there’s an intimacy involved with the communal breaking of bread.

Food often evokes fond memories, and before you know it, your team members may start sharing more than they ever have before. As team members get to know each other on a more personal level, bonds become stronger.

Celebrations with food improve employee engagement

Have you ever dreamt about a meal you had weeks, or even months ago?

Food memories can stay with us for a long time. One of the best ways for your teammates associate positive memories with a team celebration is to serve an unforgettable spread.

Not only does this association improve attendance to future events & employee retention, but it makes you look like an expert party planner!

Intentional meals foster an inclusive culture

One of the best ways to celebrate cultural diversity is through food. Food plays a huge role in cultural identity — think about what your favorite childhood meal reveals about your own family & upbringing!

As a thoughtful leader creating experiences for a diverse team, you can model inclusivity by sourcing diverse chefs for your celebrations. Highlighting diverse cuisines is a great way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion.

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