40 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers for Virtual Team Building

40 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers for Virtual Team Building

You’ve already done the legwork to figure out how to celebrate Thanksgiving with your virtual team–and you decided that nothing will go down as nicely as some light competition. But now you’re wondering: what are some good Thanksgiving trivia questions? Well, fear not! We’ve compiled 40 great multiple-choice trivia questions for your remote Thanksgiving party! Read on for five categories of Thanksgiving Quiz fun!

Thanksgiving Facts From History

Before the turkey and the parade, there’s the rich history that lays the foundation for Thanksgiving. It’s a tale that’s deeply woven into the fabric of the United States, marking a day of gratitude and reflection. But how much do we really know about the origins of this holiday?

Historical facts are a fantastic way to warm up for the rest of the trivia session–most people who grew up in the USA are likely to know the answers already, getting them excited for tougher questions ahead!

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Thanksgiving History Questions and Answers

  1. What year was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

   – A. 1492

   – B. 1621

   – C. 1776

   – D. 1863


  1. Which Native American tribe celebrated Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims?

   – A. Apache

   – B. Wampanoag

   – C. Navajo

   – D. Sioux


  1. What was the main purpose of the first Thanksgiving celebration?

   – A. To form an alliance with the Native Americans

   – B. To celebrate the harvest

   – C. To sign a peace treaty

   – D. To celebrate a military victory


  1. Who invited the Pilgrims to the first Thanksgiving?

   – A. Chief Massasoit

   – B. Squanto

   – C. Samoset

   – D. Pocahontas


  1. What meat was most likely served at the first Thanksgiving?

   – A. Chicken

   – B. Venison (Deer)

   – C. Duck

   – D. Pork


  1. Which President made Thanksgiving a national holiday?

   – A. Abraham Lincoln

   – B. George Washington

   – C. Franklin D. Roosevelt

   – D. Thomas Jefferson


  1. How long did the first Thanksgiving celebration last?

   – A. One day

   – B. Two days

   – C. Three days

   – D. A week


  1. In what year did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade first feature balloons?

   – A. 1918

   – B. 1924

   – C. 1927

   – D. 1933


  1. Which colony celebrated the first Thanksgiving?

   – A. Jamestown

   – B. Plymouth

   – C. Roanoke

   – D. New Amsterdam


  1. What was the name of the ship that the Pilgrims sailed on to reach America?

   – A. The Endeavour

   – B. The Constitution

   – C. The Mayflower

   – D. The Discovery

As Seen On TV: Trivia on Thanksgiving Movies and Shows

A great many “Very Special Episodes” are set on Thanksgiving, immortalizing it in episodes of our favorite shows and scenes in iconic movies. These references have shaped our modern perception of the holiday and have given us some of the most memorable moments that resonate with many.

Incorporating pop culture into your Thanksgiving trivia taps into shared experiences and collective nostalgia. These questions often bring smiles and laughter, making the trivia session not just informative but thoroughly enjoyable. Thanksgiving fun facts? We say the most fun facts are on screen!

Thanksgiving Pop Culture Questions and Answers

  1. In “Friends,” what is the name of Ross’s infamous Thanksgiving sandwich?

   – A. The Geller Gobbler

   – B. The Turkey Trifle

   – C. The Moist Maker

   – D. The Ross Special


  1. Which Thanksgiving-themed movie features an epic road trip with Steve Martin and John Candy?

   – A. Dutch

   – B. Home for the Holidays

   – C. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

   – D. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


  1. In “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” which character invites themselves over to Charlie Brown’s house for Thanksgiving?

   – A. Linus

   – B. Peppermint Patty

   – C. Lucy

   – D. Sally


  1. What year did the first NFL Thanksgiving Day game take place?

   – A. 1920

   – B. 1926

   – C. 1934

   – D. 1945


  1. In the movie “Addams Family Values,” Wednesday and Pugsley Addams participate in a Thanksgiving play that goes off-script. What is the play’s name?

   – A. “The Ode to Thanksgiving”

   – B. “The First Thanksgiving”

   – C. “A Happy Thanksgiving”

   – D. “A Turkey Called Brotherhood”

Food and Feast

At the heart of Thanksgiving is the feast—a spread that tantalizes the taste buds and brings people together around the table. From traditional recipes passed down through generations to modern twists on classic dishes, the food of Thanksgiving is a celebration in itself.

Food-related trivia is a great way to get the conversation started (and let the foodies give the history lovers a run for their trivia money)! These questions can lead to sharing family recipes, cultural variations of dishes, and even cooking tips, which all serve to strengthen interpersonal bonds.

Thanksgiving Food Trivia Questions

  1. Which pie is traditionally associated with Thanksgiving?

   – A. Apple pie

   – B. Pecan pie

   – C. Pumpkin pie

   – D. Sweet potato pie


Trick Question! The Pumpkin Pie vs. Sweet Potato Pie debate is ongoing and depends on your cultural background and geographic location in the USA! Both answers are correct (and if you disagree, this is a much better argument to have at the dinner table than anything politics)!


  1. Besides turkey, what is another traditional main dish served at Thanksgiving?

   – A. Ham

   – B. Roast beef

   – C. Lasagna

   – D. Tofurkey


  1. What is often used to thicken traditional Thanksgiving gravy?

   – A. Cornstarch

   – B. Flour

   – C. Butter

   – D. Eggs


  1. What herb is traditionally used in stuffing?

   – A. Basil

   – B. Cilantro

   – C. Sage

   – D. Tarragon


  1. What is a common spice used in pumpkin pie?

   – A. Cumin

   – B. Nutmeg

   – C. Paprika

   – D. Coriander


  1. Which Native American crop became a staple of the Thanksgiving meal?

   – A. Beans

   – B. Squash

   – C. Corn

   – D. Potatoes


  1. What is the name of the cornucopia-shaped basket that is a symbol of abundance and is often filled with fruits and vegetables?

   – A. Harvest basket

   – B. Corn basket

   – C. Horn of plenty

   – D. Thanksgiving basket


  1. What Thanksgiving dish has become more popular in recent years, especially in Southern states?

   – A. Roast beef

   – B. Fried turkey

   – C. Lamb chops

   – D. Duck confit

Thanksgiving by the Numbers: Statistical Trivia!

Thanksgiving isn’t just about history and pop culture; it’s also a consumer powerhouse that tells a story of celebration, travel, and economic impact told in dollars, calories, and miles. Trivia in this category can highlight some of the most intriguing and mind-boggling statistics associated with the holiday.

Thanksgiving in numbers is a category that can truly surprise participants, revealing aspects of the holiday they may have never considered. It offers a different lens through which to view Thanksgiving, sparking curiosity and discussion.

Sample Questions:

  1. Approximately how many turkeys are consumed each Thanksgiving in the United States?

   – A. 22 million

   – B. 46 million

   – C. 66 million

   – D. 88 million


  1. What is the average number of calories consumed per person during a Thanksgiving meal?

   – A. 1,500 calories

   – B. 3,000 calories

   – C. 4,500 calories

   – D. 6,000 calories


  1. How many Americans travel for Thanksgiving each year?

   – A. 25 million

   – B. 50 million

   – C. 75 million

   – D. 100 million


  1. Approximately how many pumpkin pies are consumed every Thanksgiving?

   – A. 10 million

   – B. 20 million

   – C. 50 million

   – D. 100 million


  1. On average, how many turkeys are raised in the U.S. each year?

   – A. 100 million

   – B. 250 million

   – C. 400 million

   – D. 500 million


  1. What percentage of Americans prefer Thanksgiving leftovers to the actual meal?

   – A. 20%

   – B. 40%

   – C. 60%

   – D. 80%


  1. How much does the average American spend on Thanksgiving dinner?

   – A. $30

   – B. $50

   – C. $70

   – D. $90


  1. What is the average number of people who attend a Thanksgiving dinner?

   – A. 5

   – B. 10

   – C. 15

   – D. 20


  1. What is the estimated number of pies sold at grocery stores in the U.S. for Thanksgiving?

   – A. 5 million

   – B. 10 million

   – C. 20 million

   – D. 50 million


  1. What is the busiest travel day of the year in the United States?

   – A. Christmas Eve

   – B. The day before Thanksgiving

   – C. New Year’s Eve

   – D. July 4th

7 Lightning Round Thanksgiving Questions

Need a tie breaker? We guarantee only the most dedicated Thanksgiving nerds will know the answer to any of these!

Sample Questions:

  1. Which U.S. President first pardoned a turkey and started this Thanksgiving tradition?

   – A. Abraham Lincoln

   – B. Harry S. Truman

   – C. John F. Kennedy

   – D. Ronald Reagan


  1. What was the original inspiration for the inflatable balloons debuted by Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

   – A. Floats

   – B. Marrionettes 

   – C. Air Giants

   – D. Parade Poppers


  1. In which state is the longest-running Turkey Trot, dating to 1896, held every Thanksgiving?

   – A. New York

   – B. Massachusetts

   – C. California

   – D. Michigan


  1. Which state consumes the most turkey per person each Thanksgiving?

   – A. Texas

   – B. California

   – C. Florida

   – D. Minnesota


  1. How fast can a wild turkey run?

   – A. 10 mph

   – B. 20 mph

   – C. 30 mph

   – D. 40 mph


  1. What is the “snood” in relation to a turkey?

   – A. The sound it makes

   – B. Its tail feathers

   – C. The fleshy appendage on its beak

   – D. Its mating dance


  1. In Canada, when is Thanksgiving celebrated?

   – A. The same as in the U.S.

   – B. The second Monday of October

   – C. The first Thursday of November

   – D. July 1st

Customization: The Secret Ingredient for Awesome Trivia

The magic of trivia lies in its flexibility. While the provided categories are a great starting point, the true charm emerges when you sprinkle in a dash of personalization. Consider adding questions that reflect your team’s unique experiences or inside jokes. Perhaps a category dedicated to company milestones or shared successes could stir a sense of pride and nostalgia. Encourage team members to submit their questions too—after all, a touch of personal flair can transform a good trivia session into a great one.

Fostering Team Spirit Through Shared Virtual Experiences

Thanksgiving is more than a holiday; it’s an opportunity to reinforce the bonds within your virtual team. Trivia is a simple yet powerful tool to celebrate the season, bringing everyone together for an experience that’s both fun and meaningful. So, as you click through slides of questions and tally up the scores, remember that each correct answer and every moment of shared laughter is building something far more lasting—team spirit and camaraderie that will extend well beyond the holiday season.

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