Financing Your Small Food Business

We’ve all heard the saying “you need money to make money”. But how exactly do you secure funds in the first place? 

Join us as we discuss the various financing options that exist for small food businesses, from loans and grants to crowdsourcing and angel investors. We’ll discuss the pros & cons of each type, how to find financing opportunities, and how to best position yourself and your business for success.

Meet Our Panelists

Christine Rico

I build profitable companies that do good in the world and I also happen to love all things food. Combining my skills and passions, I am a CFO who advises food companies on financial strategy and profit optimization while sharing in the delight of setting new food trends.

My 25+ years of experience in business development, financial management, and coaching equip me with the skills to support business owners with critical financial decisions and building profits. Since 2017 I’ve provided advisory, analytical and bookkeeping services for more than 100 social impact companies and that number is growing. 

I am a sales and business development professional working to help small businesses find the capital and financing they need. I facilitate the referral process enabling business owners to focus on building, maintaining, and growing their business.

I find joy and fulfillment in helping people and making an impact at scale. I am very interested in personal and business finance, process improvement, and educating anyone who is in need (or willing to listen). I enjoy both independent and cross-functional, collaborative work.

I have a passion for music, podcasts, exploratory and abstract conversation, investing, and personal and professional development.

nkem oghedo

Nkem Oghedo is the founder of Adá, a marketplace that helps companies celebrate diversity authentically with team events hosted by Black chefs. Previously, she worked in management consulting and served as the Chief of Staff of wellness startup, Care/of. Her professional mission is to create equitable economies in which Black communities thrive. She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard Business School