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You’re here because you understand the importance of inclusivity and how intentionally shaping work culture can contribute to an organization’s success. However, you may wonder how to translate the importance of inclusivity & culture into measurable results. 

Organizations that create space for frequent team-building activities tend to have more fully engaged employees, which is correlated with a 23% improvement in profitability. And according to a Gallup study, companies that value their employees’ diverse opinions and perspectives gain a 12% increase in productivity, a 27% decrease in turnover rate, and a 40% reduction in safety incidents!

When done right, a thoughtful events calendar that celebrates the diversity of your team can reap dividends. Employees who feel recognized and cared for are more productive, collaborative and connected. Your ability to successfully plan inclusive team events can also increase your team’s ability to tackle challenges, effectively communicate, and stay motivated.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • How to gain leadership buy-in
  • How to develop a Cultural Calendar
  • Best practices for selecting activities & vendors
  • Ways to promote team attendance

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